Vital Wheat Gluten Flour

Vital Wheat Gluten Flour

Where to Get this?:

You can pick this up at most all health food stores and chains.  Whole Foods carries it.  You typically can get the best deal on the bulk wheat gluten flour that you dispense yourself.

Favorite Packaged Brand

My favorite brand that you can find at most all healthy food stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes’ and some standard grocery chains is:
Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Gluten Flour.  You can also get their products online at: Bob’s Red Mill. Com.  They also do a lot of promotions and savings on their products and specialize in wheat, oats, flour, beans, grains, cereals and more.  They are a great resource for bulk whole grains. They also ship in flat rate boxes which keeps the shipping affordable.  I order from them and had my delivery in 2 days.  I was pleased with all the flours I picked up and how great everything has been that I have used.  (My last order was oat flour, wheat flour, wheat pastry flour, barley flour, vital wheat gluten flour, nutritional yeast, sea salt, and garbanzo beans.  Everything was wonderful! We look forward to trying some of the other options as well.)

Affordability Factor:

You can pick this up for a couple a dollars for the 1 lb sack.
They also have  5 lb, 10lb, 20lb and 50lb you can by at a great savings.
I like to ask around and see if anyone else wants to pool in and get the larger size that way we all get more for less.  When you can buy the larger sizes, with more in them, they charge you less.  Splitting them up amongst friends and family for an order is really smart and a great way to save piggy backing on an order.  The shipping is then divided as well amongst all that are in the pool.  Which further brings the postage down lower then it would be for an order alone.  Buying smarter can really help you save a bundle!

About Vital Wheat Gluten:

The flour is made from the protein of the wheat berry.  When you add water it becomes elastic like.  Added to bread dough and other recipes , it helps retain the steam from baking adding volume to baked goods.  It can be a great asset when baking whole grain course flours and cereals.


Vital Wheat Gluten is 80% protein.  Use 1 Tablespoon per cup of flour in your bread and baked good recipes.  Using this will help retain moisture, texture and help it rise.

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  1. Ken} says:

    I really feel great reading your blog, please keep up the good works that you have been doing. I will check back soon.

    1. Hello Ken,

      Thanks so much for visiting our site. We are so glad we can be of help to you. Keep in mind if you have any specific questions our health and wellness staff will be happy to answer any questions and is on call around the clock to be there for you all of our viewers. We wish you great LOVE, HEALTH & ABUNDANT HAPPINESS Today and ALWAYS!

  2. ana christina rosales says:

    how can i order a vita glute flour…Thnx

    1. You can order it online. I prefer the Bob’s Red Mill Brand which is affordable and great quality. You typically can find it in a health food store or the natural section of your supermarket. The Bob’s Red Mill brand can be ordered at: Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day and week and thank you for visiting our site. Wishing you great love, health and abundant happiness!

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