BBQ Agave Cilantro Veggie Ribs w/ Broccoli & Red Potatoes

BBQ Veggie Ribs
w/ Broccoli & Red Potatoes

Time: 1 hour
Yield: 4 Servings
(9 Item Recipe)


1 Cup Vital Whole Wheat Gluten Flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill Brand – Shown)
1/4 Cup Fresh Organic Cilantro, diced fine
2 Tablespoons  Nutritional Yeast ( I use Bob’s Red Mill Brand – shown)
2 Teaspoon Organic Paprika
Sea Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper to taste
2 Tablespoons Organic Agave
1 Cup All Natural BBQ Sauce or home made for topping veggie ribs
1/2 Head of Organic Broccoli, steamed
4 Small – Medium Organic Red Potatoes, cut into bite sized chunks


Get your ingredients out you will be using.

In a small bowl take your Gluten flour, nutritional yeast, and paprika.

Add your chopped onion and parsley.

Drizzle 1 Teaspoon of agave into mixture.

Next take all ingredients and mix together and evenly.  This gluten flour turns to rubber immediately so you want to push
around the dry ingredients and then add your liquids for good and even distribution.
The mixture should be kneaded and squeezed to distribute evenly throughout.

If you plan cooking these in the oven then you want to get out a large glass oven safe dish
that you can spread your mixture out on.

Be sure to spray or oil the bottom of the glass dish.  I used vegan butter, olive oil works or cooking spray.
Now that the mixture is spread out, and stretched evenly you want to put some bbq sauce on it.

Once you have it on all of the mixture go around the edges to make sure all parts of it are
lightly covered with sauce.

Oven Cooking Instructions:

In a preheated oven on 300 bake for 30 minutes.  In a medium hot pan sear for 8-10 minutes to get grill marks.
Test a piece to be sure it is done to your likeness.  If not add more time.  Do not char it.

BBQ Cooking Instructions:

If you are going to cook it on the bbq, you will still need to cook in the oven first for 30 minutes on 300, then take it to the grill and bbq for 8-10 minutes until done.  Test a piece to make sure it doesn’t need more time.  Be sure not to char it.

If you are going to cook it on the bbq you still will cook it in the oven, then take it out to the grill.
If you want to grill it on the bbq for the entire time you can , but will need to cook it slower and longer, ensuring it doesn’t char or burn.
If you are cooking it on the bbq you can wrap it in foil and take the ribs out for the last 10 minutes.
You can cook it on the grill the whole time but will need to cook it slow so it doesn’t burn.
The trick to this veggie protein is to get it cooked enough if not it tends to taste chewy like gummy bears with a great flavor.
To get the right consistency sample a slice and see if it needs more time.  I find it needs more time then I usually think.

We then took the finished product cut it into two and then sliced it across to get little finger pieces.
Be sure it is done to your likeness.

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  1. Mahalia says:

    AFAIC that’s the best anewsr so far!

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