Affordable Snacks: Organic Whole Wheat Crackers w/ Organic Mild Salsa

If you are looking for an affordable, low fat, low sodium snack. then this may just be it.
These ak-mak organic whole wheat crackers come in a box of 16 large crackers on sheets of
four.  Combine this with a low sodium mild tomato salsa as a dip for a great healthy snack.

Affordability Factor

Akmak Organic Whole Wheat Crackers – Trader Joe’s $1.25
Organic Mild Tomato Salsa, low sodium – Trader Joe’s $1
You can make this great healthy appetizer for $2.25.

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  1. Looks great. Would be cheaper if you made them yourself though 😀 Check out my lavash flatbread recipe!

    1. Thank you so much for the recipe. I look forward to making this. As I only have whole wheat flour and sesame seeds I am going to substitute those in four the white flour and poppy seeds. Appreciate your help and look forward to more of your recipes. Your food is delicious too, or as you would say scrummy! Take care.

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