Perfect Avocados every time!

If you have been disappointed before when buying avocados, don’t let that happen again.
I am going to tell you the tricks to perfect avocados every time.

The first step is finding the greenest, largest and hardest avocados for the best price.
You want to pick them up 3 days before you need them.

Place them in a bowl and find a place they can ripen, that is out of the way.
Here is a picture of Day #1.

Day #1  during your pm check them and turn them once. Don’t squeeze them.

Day #2 am check you will see them getting darker . Turn them again checking them again in the night.

Day 3 am check if they are ready in the am refrigerate.  If it needs more time turn wait until the eve of day
#3  before eating turning one more time.  They should now be Perfect. Throw them in the refrigerator and they will be ready for guacamole or fresh avocado anytime. Refrigerating will stop the ripening process leaving them just right for eating.

You can cut them up for mexican food, sandwiches, or any other way you want to eat them.

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