Appreciating all things small and large in your life

Happy Holidays Everyone!

As the holiday season kicks off going from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then to the New Year it is a wonderful time to remember and appreciate all you have in your life.  Having a grateful attitude and recognizing all your blessings, regardless of how small or large, will lift you into a wonderful state of thankfulness.  When we are thankful and grateful for all we have, we appreciate our life and all the wonderful things in it much more.

Take a moment today and reflect on all that you are thankful for. Enjoy and appreciate all the wonderful things that surround you.  Life and breath in itself are blessings.  Make this holiday season a great one!

Wishing you great LOVE, HEALTH, and abundant HAPPINESS
today and always!

We are grateful for a God that provides so much and continues to bless us daily.  We are grateful for family, and great friends.  We are grateful for the fact that we have over 21,000 amazing subscribers on this little blog now (you all are incredible, and every single one of you are an inspiration and very special to us here- thank you for supporting us throughout this year and contributing great input for us all to share).  We are grateful for having work, food, and shelter.  We are grateful for our health knowledge we have and can provide keeping, so many on a healthy plan.  We are grateful for the amazing and talented writers, editors, photographers and contributors of our content, as well as our sponsors and other wonderful companies that support our blog and website. We are grateful for the beautiful sun that shines each day and the incredible trees that provide such oxygen for the world, as well as every little thing in this life.

Be grateful and thankful for all things!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  1. Gerrilyn says:

    Yeah that’s what I’m tlkaing about baby–nice work!

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