Inexpensive Outings To Enjoy the Beauty Around You


There are so many wonderful things to do very inexpensively.  Regardless to the town, city or state you live in, do a simple google search for free activities in your area, and you will be surprised at how many fun attractions and enjoyable things there are at little to no cost.

Recently we had some family in town for a visit and we found a wonderful science center in town that had so many wonderful things to explore within it.  While doing the simple search we found over 100 free activities in town and learned of many new ones we hadn’t yet experienced.  The day was filled with many beautiful sights including roaming peacocks, amazing pictures, and so many educational exhibits.  We called ahead to see if food and drinks could be brought into the center and ended up packing a delicious, healthy and inexpensive lunch, snacks and drinks.  We all had a great healthy day filled with walking the facility getting in some great low impact exercise. The trip cost a couple miles of gas to get there and $2 to park, and everyone including the youngsters had an amazing day. Find the fun in your town!

Get out and about inexpensively and have a GREAT day!

Look around in your area and explore and see what you can find.  You will be surprised at how many wonderful and fun experiences you can find that are near to nothing in cost.  If you plan ahead by calling and can bring your own food or eat before you go, you can cut the costs substantially and really have a fun time at little to no cost.

The Costs: 

The total trip ended up being 5 miles in gas and $2 for parking.  All 12 of us had a great day preparing our healthy inexpensive lunch.  We didn’t sacrifice our healthy diet by planning ahead.  We took pictures and videos, which we printed when we got home making some great souvenirs rather then spending money in the gift shop for trip memories. If you plan you can do some wonderfully fun trips for the whole family at a fraction of the cost of other things.  This trip was also a healthy learning experience going through the many exhibits put on by many local sponsors.  Get involved and find your free fun today!


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