Amazing Creatures Among Us

Amazing Creatures Among Us

Look around and you will see so many amazing creatures among us.

What creatures do you find lurking in your area?

Just yesterday I saw a family of gray squirrels and as I watched them they were playing and having a blast together.  Watching them for a few minutes I began to laugh as they tumbled together, hopped, jumped and wrestled in the leaves.  It was such a joy to see such a sight.

There are so many amazing and so very interesting creatures among us.  We can learn so much from the wild life that surrounds us.  If you open your eyes you may be surprised that so much is going on around you and it is quite a sight to see.

Enjoy your day and try not to miss the incredible things in it! You will be so happy you opened up your eyes.  Little creatures can bring such joy and happiness to your day simply by the sight of them in action. They do so many super cute things and are just a delight when in sight.

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  2. Buck says:

    All of my questions setteld-thanks!

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