Trader Joe’s Store – Healthy Food for Less!

Trader Joe’s

If you are looking for good buys on healthy food items then you want to get yourself over to your local Trader Joe’s.  If you are lucky enough to have a store near you then you will be in for a real treat and great savings on your grocery bill.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Store Near You

If you don’t have one near and you are traveling for the holidays look them up and see if there is a local store near your destination. You can simply find a store near you by searching their site at

The consistency of the store is just amazing no matter what location you are at.  I have personally been to 7 stores and have been super impressed with the reliability from any location.  The great buys seem to be at every store we have been to.  Some stores are a bit larger then others but all in all every one of them has been GREAT. The staff is always super friendly and helpful and can guide you to what you need.

$50 Dollar Grocery Challenge

This trip we did a challenge with $50 and came up with a cart full of groceries including 10 days of meals for four.  The groceries included breakfast, lunch, dinners and laundry soap.  You will be surprised at the cost savings and even more excited about the healthier choices they have available.  Their unsalted and Un-sweeteened peanut butter runs  under $2, and the same for so many other items.  They are the store of $2-3 items and you can get so much for so little.  They have a large pasta selection in the under $1 range.  We made pasta dinner for four and spent $1 for pasta and $2 for the fresh marinara sauce we made.  The total for the meal was $3. For $3 you can’t even get a fast food sandwich, and certainly not a healthy food sandwich.  The deal was incredible.  The nuts and seeds are a great deal.  We pick up the raw and unsalted sunflower seeds for the delicious kale salads we make and they run under $2 for a large bag. The bag lasted all week for our salads, granola and snacks.  All the items we tested ended up better then the national brand for considerably less and much healthier alternatives.

Trader Joe’s Brand Green Tea

A box of 40 tea bags for $2 this is one of the best buys on Green Tea that we have seen.  The quality product is excellent and the price even better.

Some of the items you will find for under $2

Green Tea
Soy Milk
Rice Milk
Organic Black Beans
Peanut Butter Unsalted/No Sugar Added
Marinara Sauce
Fresh Organic Produce
Fresh Fruit & Veggies
Organic Whole Wheat Crackers
Nuts and Seeds
Healthy Snacks
and so much more!

Great Trader Joe’s Brand Detergent Deals $10 for a Large Size

We also tested the detergent they sell that is a high efficiency type without dyes or fragrance and were amazed at how great it worked.  For $10 it was better then the leading brand and also saved us $8-10 dollars off the same size popular brand names that all had heavy synthetic fragrance and other unhealthy additives.

Pet Food Deals

They have a super deal on a 25 lb bag of dog food that is natural and healthy.  The bag runs $10 and compared to Natures Balance which sells at Petsmart for $50.  No matter what type of food you are getting chances are you can save BIG with their store brand Dog Food.  The bag is large and the feed a healthy balance you can count on. Our Readers who needed to find a better deal for their pets requested the comparison and ended up saving $40 by switching from Natures Balance to the Trader Joe’s Brand Food.

Trader Joe’s Personal Items

Although the lane of personal items was small we were very impressed with the every day items that they carried.  They had everything from toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, body soap, hand soap and more. The deodorant was a super deal and saved us 75% off our name brands.  The Deodorant we picked up was made with cotton and had no aluminum, no chemicals or synthetics and compared to Tom’s of Maine.  We paid under $3 for this great product.

Trader Joe’s Vitamin & Mineral Section

They have a super section for vitamins, minerals, protein powders and more.  We were surprised at the pricing available on all these supplements.  The Echinacea, vitamin C and more were super low coming in at 75% off the leading brands.

Trader Joe’s Olive Oil

If you are looking for a deal on olive oil then you definitely want to find a Trader Joe’s near you.  They have the small, medium and large bottles and all different types of olive oil.  We picked up the largest bottle for under $5 which will last for over a month and is a super deal.  The same size and quality botttle runs up to $20 in other stores.

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