Blessings All Around Us

There are blessing all around us 

Be sure as you embark into this New Year that you take a moment to be thankful of all your blessings both big and small.  There are so many things to be thankful for and we often overlook the good in our life with the business of the day.  As we rush around from work, to the kids, to dinner and activities, homework etc. it is very easy to lose track of all we have to be thankful for.  It is typical for one to worry about all that you don’t have and all that you need and the stresses and pressures of the day or challenges at work.

Take a moment TODAY to reflect on all that you have and all that you are thankful for and you will be surprised at the lengthy list you can collect with just a simple thought.  Keeping all these blessings in perspective will allow you to remember more often that you have a great deal no matter what you circumstances.  Have a lovely day and count your blessings!

This is another example of a wonderful hand made gift from a local artisan with such a wonderful saying.  These beautiful metal signs are made from recycled metals and hand painted keeping the cost way down and making them super affordable.

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