Red Velvet Coconut Magic Cake

Red Velvet Coconut Magic Cake

Time: 1 Hour + 3 Hours Cooling Time
Yield: 10- 12 Medium Slices
(13 Item Recipe)
Naturally Vegan & Vegetarian

Red Velvet Coconut Magic Cake Ingredients:

1/2 Cup 100% Organic Expeller Pressed Palm Oil (I use Spectrum)
1 1/2 Cups Raw Organic Agave or 1 1/4 Cup Raw Organic Honey
1/2 Cup Soft Organic Tofu
1 Cup Organic Soy Milk
3 oz Red Organic Beet or Pomegranate Juice
2 Tablespoon Vinegar
2 Cups Organic Pastry Flour
1 Tablespoon Organic Cocoa
1 Teaspoon Organic Vanilla
1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

Red Velvet Coconut Magic Cake Directions:

Preheat oven to 350. Cream expeller pressed palm oil with agave or honey.  Add the tofu in mixing well.  Next take the flour and cocoa stirring well.
Take soy milk with 1 tablespoon vinegar in cup mix and pour into mixture.

Add vanilla and the beet or pomegranate juice.  Beat well.

Dissolve baking soda and 1 tablespoon vinegar in large cup (can explode upwards so be sure to use large cup).

Add into mixture mixing and folding slowly as it incorporates into mix continue mixing on slow until nice and smooth.

You want to be sure the consistency is super smooth with no lumps or bumps in the mixture.

Bake in two layers using two cake pans.  Separate mixture evenly pouring it into two cake pans.

Bake in oven for 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove and cool for 3 hours before frosting.

Be sure to use the sides most flat . Which is typically the bottom side upwards.

Frosting For Red Velvet Coconut Magic Cake:

1 Cup Organic Soy, Rice or Coconut Milk based on your preference
1/5 Cup Organic Pastry Flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill)
1 Teaspoon Organic Vanilla
1/2 Cup 100% Organic Expeller Pressed Palm Oil (I use Spectrum Brand)
1/2 Cup Organic Earth Balance Vegan Butter Non Hydrogenated
2/3 Cup Raw Organic Agave, or 2/3 Cup Raw Organic Honey
1 Bag Organic Baking Coconut, unsweetened
1 tablespoon Organic Spirulina Powder (I use Hawaiian Spirulina)
1 Tablespoon Raw Organic Agave or Raw Organic Honey

Frosting Directions:

In small pan take soy milk and flour over low flame in a double broiler.  I didn’t have a double broiler so I put a small pan within another filled with water.  Cook on low until it turns into a pudding consistency.  Then remove from heat and set aside cooling.  Cream together organic expeller pressed palm oil, vegan butter, and sugar.  Add vanilla and pudding mixture together. Beat until smooth.

Take cooled cake and frost between two cakes to hold together.  Then begin frosting top of cake.

Once evenly spread all over top in a nice layer proceed to frosting sides.  You want a nice layer so that the coconut will stick when we get to that step.

  Go back around cake once finished frosting top and sides.  Check for any holes or missed areas and fill them in.  Then smooth the whole cake so that it is even on top and sides.  This will ensure your coconut will stick and be nicely distributed throughout the cake.

In a medium bowl take Coconut and Spirulina mixing together for a natural green tint.  Then drizzle lightly with agave or honey.  If you are using a coconut that it already sweetened remove this step.

Take a good amount of coconut and top the cake.

Then proceed to sprinkle all over the top. Press the coconut lightly up against the frosting until it sticks.  Stick coconut to all sides and top.

You can top the remaining coconut on top if you have leftover. Here is a picture of the side view of the cake so you can get an idea of how it should look and how high it should be stacked.

When You are ready to serve and eat the cake be sure to cut it slowly starting from the center.  If you are rough it can get messy.

When you prepare the slices on a plate they are really quite beautiful.  They make a wonderful festive holiday cake with the red and green.


If you do not have agave or honey on hand you can use 1 1/2 Cups raw organic sugar for the cake and 1 cup raw organic sugar for the frosting. If you have not used expller pressed canola oil before and are not sure what you are looking for I prefer the Spectrum brand and it looks like this
I use the Spectrum Organic Shortening that comes in the 24oz size.  Just to inform you a little about it.  It is made with organic palm oil, Spectrum Organic Shortening is non-hydrogenated making it an excellent alternative to traditional shortening for baking.  It is also great for making flaky crusts and crispy fries and other foods you are looking to crisp without desparaging your health.  I find there are many amazing and wonderful recipes my Grand Mother made who was an incredible Italian baker.  In her time back in the depression shortening was common.  With the knowledge we know about health I wouldn’t want to use lard or animal fat.  A great healthy alternative when needed is Spectrum’s Organic Shortening made from Palm Oil . The ingredients are simple: 100% Organic Expeller Pressed Palm Oil.

If you are looking to replace margarine to a vegan vegetarian type that is much healthier for you then Earth Balance is for you.  The traditional foreign substance margarine on the market have so many hard to read ingredients in them.   I have found that Earth Balance Organic Vegan Butter is incredible.  It works on everything just the same protecting your health and preserving the balance we all need to keep intact with our nutrition.

Outside Color of the Cake Options:

I always keep the inside of the cake red, however, the outside you can do different things with depending on the occasion.  The kids love the colorfulness of making the outside green which makes it look like a watermelon.  For a true watermelon look we add black currants to the cake mix which add a nice touch to the cake in taste while also looking like watermelon seeds. It also makes a great green cake for St. Patrick’s day.
We like to provide only healthy options for all things on this blog, including coloring.  If you do not wish to use natural food based coloring that you can make yourself you can also find natural food coloring derived from fruits and veggies that you can buy at your local health food store.  It isn’t quite as fun and interesting as it is when you make your own but both ways work.

You can use Spirulina as a natural green coloring which adds to its health benefits and makes the cake nice and green.  The cake is beautiful when it is cut with the red and green.  You can also keep the outside white and then it is cut with the red center.  If you have a colored occasion or a birthday for someone and are looking for a particular color you can mix any natural coloring with the outside to get a festive look.  I have done purple outside using dark purple beets.  Carrot juice or yellow beets makes a nice tan, yellow and brown colors.  Be inventive and creative to make the cake the color of choice.  The white with the red center is very beautiful and elegant for a special event or occasion.  We also some times keep the sides and top with white coconut and then put the color on top with coconut in a large circle atop it.  There are so many beautiful combinations.  Explore with your cake and make it GREAT. There are many foods that can add to a natural color and all foods have different hues.  When we used the beets sometimes the beets are really purple in color and other times more a crimson red which makes it unique each time and super fun for the whole family.  Children love to help create in the kitchen and this recipe is enjoyable as an activity as well.

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