Amazing Works by Christopher Windsor

An Incredible Talent Christopher Windsor

What an incredible sight this was feasting my eyes on this piece of work.  I had the honor and pleasure of viewing the works of Christopher Windsor and his brilliant glass blown artistry.  This man is a genius and makes some unique masterpieces. From wall sconces to lights and more if you haven’t seen his work you really must take a peek.  The colors were rich and vibrant.  The light and dark of the day presented different light upon the work and really were just incredible.  Makes you want to learn about glass blowing. For all of you Christopher’s out there I salute you.  This was breath taking in person.

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  1. Charlz says:

    Hi, I have loved your awesome website. I have bookmarked your site so, will check in now and then. Thank you!

  2. Christopher Windsor says:

    Thank you so much!
    I found this today and it made me smile!
    Much luv ludafam

    1. Thank you so much for visiting us. We sure appreciate your support and kindness.

      Wishing you great love, health, and abundant happiness this day and always!

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