Incredible Sky & Purple Clouds After the Storm

Incredible Sky & Purple Clouds After The Storm

So there was this radical storm today with pounding rain on a vertical.  It came on so suddenly as it often does pounding away messy, wet and cold.  As the rain stopped for a break the sky still very dark turned into purple clouds the incredible hues of yellow, red, and oranges in the sky were absolutely incredible.  I had to stop and take a breath just to take it all in.  What a beautiful sight to see.  I had to get a peek of it to share as it was really stunning and special to see such wonders of nature.  We sure all are lucky to be graced with such beauty all around us.
Be sure not to miss the loveliness around you.

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  1. Oh, for a second I thought I saw heaven! Amazing.

  2. Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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