Celebrating 32,000 Subscribers

To all our Subscribers out there whether you are brand new or have been with us from the beginning we appreciate you.  We thank you for your viewership, subscription, your input, comments and participation.  Every one of you are amazing and we delight in knowing we have such a great fan base.

As our Subscribers increase our sight will expand with some really exciting and new plans for 2012.  We are looking forward to making Attractingwellness.net your go to resource for healthy tips and recipes, wellness resources, and as much as we can to inspire you constantly.

If you know anyone that would enjoy our information and site be sure to let them know about us they can access us through the website, blog or via twitter.  The more we can encourage into a healthier lifestyle the better.  We all help each other by sharing and caring what we know and learn. Pass it on.

Thank you all again and remember without you it wouldn’t happen.  Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new year.  We wish you continued love, health and abundant happiness this day and always.


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  1. What a milestone! My goodness!

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