The MASTERY of LIVING LIFE WELL & The Pursuit of Lifting Your Life to Where You Want It To Be

With this Beautiful New Year Upon us now filled with new and exciting Possibilities and Opportunities be sure to find yourself immersed in it.

One of life’s most difficult challenges is embracing true happiness, and often times we find ourselves falling short as we are still learning the mastery of living life well.

Whether you are at the office, at a game with the kids, home preparing dinner, at class in school, or engaged with a problem to solve, we are where are thoughts are.  Finding yourself absorbed in the issues and challenges you face is common, however, it takes you away in thought to that place, stealing you from the moment missing the wonderful essence of the present.

It is easy to go through the motions being physically in form but mentally vacant, failing to even hear the precious words from our loved ones, or the little moments of the children. It is easy to get caught up in this rut and be hearing but not immersed in the precious words before us.

Going through the day you may be one who ponders yesterday and your past looking in the rear view mirror as you approach forward in your life.  You may also be one who thinks upon the future and all the endless opportunities that may come. Being so involved in the past or the future can also distract you taking you away from the now. Be in the day, the moment, and what is before you as it is so special and will slowly slip away into a new day. Enjoy the gift of today and be awake, open your ears, your eyes, and your senses to what it offers and be joyful in it.

Attempt to grasp something from each day pressing forward learning new things, enjoying the subtleties that life surrounds us with. We as humans are in so many places so often and we fail to live the exceptional moments living life well. Each day make a conscious effort to be aware of how to live life exceptionally mastering all that it presents.

Learning balance can be tricky especially in our world filled with multitasking, phones, computers, electronics and more.  Learning to be awake, and within the moment you are presented, will not only create incredible focus allowing you to retain the wealth of knowledge from each and every experience but also create joy and peace within your day.

Mastering living life well is stopping in the moment to see the incredible sky when it surrounds you with breath taking color.  Mastering living life well is being still when listening and stillness is required hearing every sound and feeling the words as they press upon your heart. The Mastery of Living life well is tasting the flavors and textures when you eat chewing each bite with appreciation and gratefulness that your meal is upon you. The Mastery of living life well is catching the sight of all the little things in the moment, whether it is a humming bird that flies by, the buzzing of a near bee, or the hues of the tomato your washing, not to miss even the smallest sight, so that it can be a part of our growth and who we develop into. This exceptional Mastery we speak of isn’t something we do; it is the sum of our experience and how we live within them.  Rejoice in the day and be positive, joyful and glad in it, and you too will begin the path of Mastering Living Life Well.

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