Moving forward into the beautiful New Year I want everyone to recognize their abundant blessings and celebrate Life. We all need to think about how we can make this year a better healthier one.  Be sure to look at your Food Intake as well as your physical, mental and spiritual health.

It’s time to recognize our Spiritual Blessings and to celebrate life. In this New Year let’s think about how we can improve all aspects of our Health – Both Physical, Mental and Spiritual. I want all our readers to work on  increasing their capacity to love and serve others this year so we can all do our part to make this world healthier, happier, safer and more peaceful place. As the New Year kicks off work your very best to improve your lifestyle making it a happier and healthier year.

Healthy Tips for A Happier, Healthier & Longer Life:
Eat plenty of organic fruits & vegetables
Eat more whole grains refraining from processed grains
Eliminate your fast food, sugar & fat intake, or begin to reduce and cut back, being aware of what you eat
Reduce your meat & dairy products eating less or eliminating them
Breathe Fully & Deeply
Fast 1 day a week, start with fasting from your worst habits once a week slowly, until you eliminate them all together
Get 8 good hours of sleep every night
Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of purified water each day
Take vitamins & food supplements
Get regular exercise atleast 3 times per week
Increase your movement
Avoid all tobaccos, if you haven’t yet reduce your intake cutting it back until its gone completely
Avoid alcohol – especially the sweet high calorie type (wine is best)
Eliminate or substantially reduce your soda intake (these are high calorie sugary drinks you don’t need)
Say “no” to stress and work on reducing it and eliminating it from your life
Improve your posture – Refrain from crossing your legs – Sit Tall, and Walk Tall
Give more love and be more Loving
Spend more time with your loved ones, taking time to enjoy your family
Do more of the things you LOVE, when you are doing what you love you enjoy and love your life more
Laugh More and Often
Don’t sweat the small stuff – If you won’t be talking about it in a year don’t worry about it, this too will pass
Stretch More and often, a limber body improves circulation and works better
Be more understanding
Be more compassionate
Appreciate everything in your life both small and large
Have an attitude of gratitude & Thankfulness at all times – Things could always be worse!
Be more Patient
Be grateful for your health, vitality & Wisdom – You are an amazing being!
Be more optimistic and positive looking for the good in life and keeping your focus positive
Accept each day as a gift with challenges to live, learn and evolve from
Enjoy life more
Smile – Life it Great be joyful in it

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  1. Paul says:

    I am not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I will go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. All the best!

  2. Yes, you will probably not be able to use everything you read about, but the important thing is to bookmark it in your mind for possible future use.

  3. frucouccilt says:

    very interesting points you have remarked, thankyou for posting .

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