Golden Flax Yogurt w/ Agave

Golden Flax Yogurt w/ Agave

Time: 2 minutes (after soaking flax overnight)
Yield: 1 Serving
(3 Item Recipe)


Organic Golden Roasted Flax, whole seed (I used the Trader Joe’s Brand in this recipe)
Organic Plain Low Fat Yogurt
Organic Agave


The first step is to get your golden flax seed out.

I would recommend you do this right after you bring your flax seed home from the grocery store so you have it on hand for all your recipes.  Next you want to take a large glass and add one cup of flax seed and one cup purified water.  Add the water slowly stirring before filling all the way.

Next refrigerate your flax seed overnight and allow it to soak and soften.  Be sure you stir it each time you check it.  It will start to thicken.   You can add more purified water once it absorbs all the initial water.  The key is to get it real thick so that it has a syrupy consistency.

Once the thick consistency is reached you can pour off any excess water from the top.  Take your yogurt and top it with a heaping tablespoon of golden soaked flax seed and drizzle with agave.  Makes a super nutritious way to eat yogurt.


I keep these on hand and add them to everything.  They are rich in Omega 3’s as well as Lignans and Fiber.  I use these on salads, in smoothies, in rice, yogurt, potato, cereal and more.
They have a wonderfully nutty taste that adds a nice zip to any food.




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