Adding Nutrients & Color to Meals Simply & Affordably

Adding Nutrients & Color to Meals Simply & Affordably

There are many ways to incorporate great nutrition into a meal without a large effort or cost.  The next time you make spaghetti simply chop up some fresh washed kale. Gently remove stems.

Take a large pot and boil your noodles per the package instructions.

When you have 1.5 minutes remaining drop in your fresh kale.  This will ensure it is not tough but still has its nutrition intact.

Right before you drain the pasta give it a couple good stirs.

Drain and top with your favorite sauce.  You can put your traditional marinara, white sauce, wine sauce, garlic sauce or any other you enjoy.  This pasta also store easily and makes a fast lunch or dinner when you are short on time.  This is also a great base for a pasta salad served cold.  You can top it with your favorite dressing and add some chopped red bell pepper for a nice crunch mixing delicious taste with a crunchy texture.


For something simple & delicious you can make a no fuss Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Sauce. This takes about 2-3 minutes total for the sauce. Simply take a hot saute pan, add 1/4 Cup olive oil and 3 cloves of minced garlic.  Cook 1 – 2 minutes just until garlic is golden.  Quickly add sea salt and pepper to taste.  Pour noodles into the pan and toss the kale pasta with the olive oil garlic sauce.  This makes a healthy, fast and  affordable dinner.


This is one of the quickest and affordable healthy meals you can make.  We prepared this for 6 people using 1 full container of whole wheat noodles from Trader Joe’s that were .99 cents.  We picked up 2 cups of fresh loose kale that was .98 cents (1/3 of a bundle), one small organic garlic clove was .85 cents (we only used 3 cloves and this had 7 so we had a bit extra), and 1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s Olive Oil using 1/8 of the bottle.  We paid $4.99 for the bottle and using 1/8 the olive oil comes out to .62 cents worth.  (Bottle was $4.99 divided by 8 = .62 cents).

Whole Wheat Pasta $.99 cents
Fresh Organic Loose Kale (1/3 of a bundle) $.98 cents
3 Cloves Fresh Organic Garlic $.85 cents
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1/8 Bottle) $.62 cents

Total Meal Cost for Kale Pasta w/ Roasted Garlic Sauce $3.44 for 6 Large Servings.  That is .57 cents per serving.  I don’t think there is any meal out in the market place that you can get that is healthy and filling for .57 cents. We also had leftover and used it for the next day lunches making a cold pasta salad out of it.  This is also a super affordable lunch that you can add anything to that keeps your lunches healthy and super affordable.  If you did this for the week and alternated with different sauces you could eat five lunches for the week for $2.85.  How’s that for affordability.
To change up the pasta so it isn’t the same add marinara and some fresh shredded carrots to it.  You can take leftover shredded chicken from the night before and make a chicken kale pasta salad and top it with your favorite dressing.  We also made this with fresh sprouted organic tofu from Trader Joe’s.  We lightly pan seared the tofu and topped it on the kale pasta and made a delicious cold salad for work.  I made a fresh agave peanut drizzle that was delicious and gave it an Asian twist.  Be creative with your food and enjoy it!


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