Chocolate Avocado Rice Milkshake

Chocolate Avocado Rice Milkshake

Time: 4 Minutes
Yield: 2
(6 Item Recipe)


1 Large Organic Avocado
1 Cup Ice
1 Cup Organic Rice Milk
1 -2 Organic Dates
2 Tablespoons Organic Agave
Organic Carob Powder or Organic Cocoa Powder


In a blender take your avocado, date, ice, rice milk and blend.  Add additional date to taste until desired sweetness is reached.  One for not light sweet and 2 for sweeter version.  In a small dish take cocoa and agave mixing until a syrup forms.  Drizzle chocolate into a cup then add avocado rice milkshake, then top with more chocolate syrup.


I prefer using carob, however, you can use cocoa or an organic fruit sweetened syrup .  You find many healthy chocolate or cocoa nibs syrups available that use natural sweeteners like dates, agave, and or other fruits.

This is a great alternative to other unhealthy dessert options.  This compliments some healthy fats with low glycemic sweeteners ready to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your health on track.  Kids just love these and they always think the green is funny to see! Try this dessert and bypass all the preservatives, sugar and junk found in most sweet treats.  This is fresh, delicious, healthy and affordable.  Comes out much less then ice cream and much better for you.  Do your body right and try this one today!

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