Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Baked Potatoes

Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Baked Potatoes
Time: 30 -40 Minutes
Yield: 4 Servings
(4 Item Recipe)
Naturally Vegan & Vegetarian


6 Organic Russet Potatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Freshly Cracked Pepper


Preheat Oven to 400 degrees.  Wash and dry potatoes.  Slice into small strips to your liking.

Put potato strips into a large bowl.  Get your olive oil out.

Drizzle olive oil over potatoes then season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.  On a baking sheet lay potatoes out and cook for 20 minutes.  If potatoes look dry drizzle them with more olive oil, if not omit this step. Check potatoes and cook additionally if needed until golden brown.  Depending on how thin you cut them they could need more time or less.  Thinner cook faster and typically don’t need additional oil.  The larger the potato strip the slower to cook and more time needed. When I have mad them larger I typically drizzle them with olive oil half way through to get them nice and crisp.  Use your discretion as all ovens vary in cooking temperature as well as potato size.   Depending on your desired crispiness will also be a factor in determining whether additional time is needed or not. Remove from oven when golden and crisp.  Serve Hot and Enjoy!


This is a much healthier take on fries.  When you are in the mood for fries bake them and be sure to use olive oil this brings healthy fats into your diet and keep all the preserving agents and additives out of the food.  You end up with a much fresher, delicious and healthy potato.






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