Beautiful day turns into an Amazing Night w/ a Pastel Sky

So I had a wonderful start to my week, and I sure hope you all can say the same.  The day was productive getting everything done and then some.  My energy level was just Great getting through the day without any lulls, which I attribute to my healthy snacks and lunch I fueled with today.

I have been capturing footage of this one area and continue to get fantastic pictures during this short window between afternoon and evening. At the conclusion of my work day I planned to take the camera out again and take a look it and see what it had to tell, and WOW!  Again another FANTASTIC sight.  This spot never ceases to amaze me the hues always slightly different as the lighting changes rapidly during this time of day, but the pictures always breathtaking.  The sounds were just as beautiful and super peaceful with chirping birds and buzzing bees. It looked like Easter pastels had filled the sky, so I wanted to be sure to share.  I hope you all Enjoy this and are off to a great week.  Take care until next time.

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