Free Adorable Bulldog Mix Puppies – Georgia

Looking for GOOD HOMES for these SWEET little FACES

These adorable little guys are looking for good homes.  If you know anyone in the Georgia area that is in need of a great loving pet these are Free and their hope is to find the best homes for them.

The Owner of the bulldog mix puppies has 6 males and 2 females available. The Owner Cliff Perkins says if you want to add love, companionship and entertainment to your home then a bulldog mix puppy may be just for you.  He is looking for forever homes for these sweet little pups. As finding good loving homes is his priority he will be casting interviews to be a puppies human.  At that time you can view them for yourself. To reach Cliff to set up an interview he can be called at his office or cell.

Cliff Perkins
Office Number:  (770) 214-8885
Cell Number: (770) 366 – 7306

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