Gorgeous Tulips In Bloom

We have these amazing tulips I have been documenting. They have reached  full bloom today.  Every day I photograph them and seem to capture a photo that was even more fantastic then the day before.  We first showed them to you on a post a couple days back with only a couple open and most of them still in bud form. What a treat to see!

We wanted to be sure we shared the gorgeous view.  Today all in bloom they are like a giant bouquet. If you have thought about planting these before but haven’t, you will be in for a real treat if you do.  They have been showcasing themselves over the last few weeks and they remind me every year the bountiful beauty that Spring brings as it breathes new life into all things. They make wonderful Mother’s Day Gifts that you can plant and they will come back each year with more then the previous.  What a GIFT that keeps on giving.

So here you go.

First they start as just greenery, then it changes to emerging green bulbs, then the bulbs start to do their magic and wonderful colors begin to appear.

Their tightly woven bulb begins to relax slowly opening as the brilliant colors get even more vibrant.

As I bend down to view the flower it is just magical.  It’s like a rainbow of colors.
How blessed we are to have sight and to be witness to natures beauty.

Their heads pop up and begin to open exposing the fiery orange, yellow and red colors.
As they begin to open they look much like the beak of a baby bird that wants to be fed.

Beauty then opens up and unleashes its grace on us.  The bulb begins to swell and then the petals begin to fold back as the bulb turn into a full flower.

What a gorgeous sight to be witness to.  I really can feel the JOY as we soak up the life of nature.

One by one, each and every bloom opens up and shows its magnificence to the world.

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