Beet, Sunflower & Radish Salad w/ Agave Flax Dressing

Beet, Kale & Radish Salad w/ Agave Flax Dressing 

Time: 20 Minutes if steaming beets fresh – 10 Minutes or less if shredding beets raw
Yield: 6 Servings
(11 Item Recipe)
Naturally Vegan & Vegetarian


1 Bunch Organic Kale, washed, stems removed and chopped
1 Organic Tomato, chopped
1 Cup Organic Carrots, Shredded
1/4 Cup Organic Dried Cranberries
1 Large Organic Beet, steamed, cooled and sliced
1/4 Cup Organic Radishes, sliced
1/4 Cup Organic Peppers, sliced
1/2 Cup Soaked Golden Flax Seed
1/4 Cup Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds
1/4 Cup Organic Agave
1/4 Cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


Wash your beet and poke a few holes in it with a fork.  In a small pot add beet and cover with water.  Bring to a boil on medium heat, then reduce to a simmer until tender.  Pull out cut in half and submerge in cold water allowing it to cool while preparing the other parts of the salad.

Get your kale out and wash it good, then pat to dry.  Remove center stem and chop into small pieces.  If you have a food processor you can use it and it will cut down your time.  Cut and slice your radishes, shred your carrots, slice your peppers, and tomatoes.

In a small bowl take your apple cider vinegar, agave and your soaked golden flax seed and mix together.  On the golden flax seed be sure to soak it ahead of time.  I bring it home from the store, rinse it and then throw it in the fridge with 1/2 water and 1/2 flax allowing it to soak overnight.  This way you have the soaked golden flax to add to any meal, anytime.

In a large bowl start with your kale, then add all your veggies, top with cranberries and sunflower seeds, then add your dressing.  Toss and Enjoy.


The salad is best when it is dressed and sits so that the dressing can soak into the kale.

**Golden Flax Seed**

You are going to need to soak these in water the night before.  I do it right when I bring them home from the store and I keep them on hand in the fridge so I don’t have to make them every day.  This way I can cut time and add omegas to any meal in a flash.


My favorite way to do the beets is shredded raw.  In this picture last night I boiled the beets as I was making the food for company who is just transitioning to a healthier diet and they preferred doing the beets boiled this time and next time will eat them raw and shredded.

Cooking for less then 6 Servings

If you are just 2, 3 or 4 in your family you can cut the salad ingredients in half to make a smaller salad.  This salad stores amazing and we like to make extra as it is a hit in our family.  The hearty kale prevent the salad from getting soggy so making it ahead of time is no problem.

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