Our Attractingwellness.net Resident Lizard Lizzy says Hello

To all of you new to our site this is “Lizzy the Resident Lizard”  she says hello and sends her regards.  We first stumbled upon her one early morning noticing her brilliant green shimmering color.  She seems to love to go to the end of this box daily sitting perched at its end with her mouth wide open.  She feasts on all the little mosquitos, insects and pesky bugs.

Most recently she was on this beautiful apple blossom where all the bees are enjoying the nectar attempting to catch a bee.  A bee to Lizzy must be like sweet dessert.  She seems to work as our all natural bug eliminator.  The mosquitoes have reduced since her and her clan have appeared.

Since her first sighting at the break of spring we have seen countless others just like her and they seem to all congregate together.  The green lizards all have gray pot belly lizard friends that we have seen out and about.

We hope you are enjoying the critters around your town as much as we are and appreciate them as they are really quite remarkable little creatures.  They are much like mini dinosaurs and just very interesting to watch.

Lizzy says farewell as she needs to get back to her dinner catch.  Take care everyone until next time.

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  1. That must be the greenest lizard I’ve ever seen.

    1. These little guys are everywhere and seem to really be enjoying the feast of bugs that the spring is bringing. This one goes to the same place each day and attempts to catch these giant bumble bees 4 x his or her size. What a funny sight it is to watch this lizard with his mouth wide open hoping that something flies right in. Haven’t seen if he has a bit tongue to catch the bugs with. Sure is a laugh to see. This little guy or gal sure is COURAGEOUS!!!

      1. I spottted one yesterday throwing out his red throat in hopes of mating. They are such amazing little things!

  2. hey just wanted to say what a Great website you have!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting us. You and your visit are very much appreciated. We certainly hope to see you back again for our new posts. Have a wonderful day and week and thanks again for your kindness. It is people like you that make a difference.

      Wishing you great LOVE, HEALTH, and ABUNDANT HAPPINESS today and ALWAYS!

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