Day 4 of the ORGANIC garden

So here we are at day 4 of our Organic Garden project.  We have green beans, carrots, red lettuce, spinach, cantaloupe, bell peppers, beets, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes and more.  The fastest growers seem to be the green beans (shown on the right).  Now I understand why Jack climbed the bean stalk, they do grow amazingly fast, and they just keep getting taller each day.

According to the Burpee instructions we are going to get these started inside for 4 weeks, then we take them outside to acclimate to the weather and then we plant them.  We will be building a raised garden bed just like our previous article on garden beds documented and will be reporting with pictures as they grow to show you what you can expect.

We look forward to having a ton of fresh organic produce while also driving the cost down.
We will be able to produce a great yield and have more then the cost to buy it.  The majority of the cost in a garden is going to be your time, and then second your water, which is still much less then buying your fruits and veggies.  It is a rewarding treat to bring your food from the garden to the plate knowing just exactly what went into your food source to produce it.

We will be using all natural pest deterrents with a mix of cayenne and vinegar which pushes the little critters away from your food keeping it bug free.  We will be sharing the recipe for the mix as well in the upcoming months as the garden progresses.


8 thoughts on “Day 4 of the ORGANIC garden

    • Thank you sweetie. All your tips have been working out just great. I look forward to completing the raised garden bed in the yard and will definitely share some photos when it is up. I am still studying the composting but getting closer to making it happen. Thank you for always lifting me up with your kindness and encouragement. I am grateful for you. Hope your week is FANTASTIC!!!! Was so glad to hear you two had a break with no distractions. Love and hugs.

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