A beautiful path awaits you – Find it!

What a beautiful path I stumbled upon today.  The flowers sure are beautiful, the prickly cones and pine straw on the path, beautiful green tall trees all nestled upon a gorgeous spring day sky.  What more could one need.  I had a nice brisk walk in nature that really recharged me and a wonderful break from the busy of the day.

Do your best to get out and about and go for a walk.  This time of year is just beautiful and really refreshing to the spirit and soul.  Nature sure is a blessing and it is something healthy you can do for yourself that costs you nothing.  Something you don’t see often.

Enjoy the day and week and make it GREAT!

If you have a place to walk in your area go out and pack a lunch, take a hike and relax in the setting of perfection where nature and beauty collide.  The air was crisp and clean, the birds were singing on high, the flowers, trees and bushes were stunning sights – it was super peaceful and rejuvenating.  I felt like it was away without getting away, much like the feeling of a vacation all nestled close by.

It should be called natures getaway.

Make it great and take good care!

If I could give you all the walk and a picnic I experienced today it would be all yours.
I really hope you find one near your home.


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