Along Came a Monarch Caterpillar who SMILED at the world

I have been seeing these beautiful monarch caterpillars everywhere.

Today I saw one in the street when I got the mail and had to relocate him or her to the
nearest shrub in an effort to save its life and prevent it from getting hit by a car.

I certainly hope you get to see one of these they really are a brilliant sight.  Their colors magical with golden hues of burnt sienna, yellows, black and white.  They have a fun furry head with soft golden whiskers along their sides.  They truly are magical to think that a crawling caterpillar turns into an amazing flying butterfly.  First by land then by flight – WOW!  If you see them out there I hope you get a glimpse.  If you see them crawling in danger, please reach out and save them they really are wonderful little critters. This one looked up at me after I took it from pavement to shrub lifting its head in thanks, then moved along to explore its new land.

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  1. Zulma Kaspar says:

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