Support Your Local Artisans

Art From the HEART

This time of year when the weather is nice there are so many art festivals going on.  Be sure to check your area listings to find out when and where yours are.  There are so many affordable, original, one of a kind pieces you can find that make great gifts for yourself, family and friends.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather while perusing beautiful art.  Be sure to meet and support your local artisans whether you buy or not.  Take a card and follow their works.  They really appreciate your purchases and you can hear the unique back story to their pieces.

This is a local piece that we are featuring that really is just a gorgeous stone carving.
These type stone carvings are typically done out of a single piece of stone and can be used indoor or outdoor.  They are extremely strong and durable which will make for a long lasting piece.  They tend to wear over time changing the color as they age.

If you haven’t been to an art festival this year, do yourself a favor and get out and make it happen.  It is a wonderful sight on your eyes to see such amazing creations and they usually have fantastic food prepared to enjoy a great day out and about.  Take care everyone!

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