Along Came a Frog

Meet our Singing Friend TOADY

So I was out in the yard preparing for the garden moving some leaves and twigs around that surround a little plant that is growing.

Right as I moved the leaves and sticks I thought I saw two eyes pop up and look right at me, and then I thought no…. that’s just in those scary movies, and plus its early in the day. I haven’t seen any frogs out before just only thought I have heard them.  Were my eyes playing tricks on me?

I took a closer look, and so did he.  He probably thought I was a GIANT, and a king of the land.

As I looked closer It was true, I did see two eyes and then a body, this frog was so close in color to its surroundings that it just blended right in.  He turned and looked right at me. I stooped down to get his photo and autograph and he just quietly posed and let me kneel right before him, without a blink .

Once I was done he just hopped along on his way to a new spot.  Funny thing is our chocolate lab was right next to him and the frog just hopped right along side her as if they had an understanding that both big and small would coexist without any problems.  It was really a neat sight.  I hope you too, get to experience all the little creatures and get the opportunity to enjoy them.  I wonder how many other little creatures are lurking right beneath us that we don’t see without looking closely.

Once I moved away he nestled into a new spot and again blended right in to the surrounding colors. What a funny little frog he acted like he was so hidden in this new spot that I couldn’t see him and only he could see me.

Often in the early morning and late at night I hear so many sounds of natures creatures.  In these songs we hear all different types of birds both big and small, humming noises, crickets, along with what sounds to be thousands of frogs in the distance.  This is now proof that the songs we hear include these singing little guys.  This is the first one I have seen and it sure was neat.

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