Orchid Spikes Arrive

If you know me at all then you already know my love for ORCHIDS, as well as flowers, and plants of all types.  I have had the pleasure of fostering some absolutely incredible orchids and WOW what a sight they can be when a spike emerges and then opens to your wonder.  The hues and colors of an orchid are all such a delight and very different from the standard colors you will see around.

When I look deep into the center of the Cymbidium Orchid shown above, I can always see what I refer to as ORCHID PEOPLE.  This one looks much like a nun in pink kneeling in prayer. The yellow looks like her arms are laying on a surface in front of her.

The Cymbidium orchid is one of the heartiest of orchids.  It does great indoors or outdoors and has large spikes with many blooming flowers which last much longer then the common paphiopedulum shown below. The cymbidium is a bushy plant with a lot of green.  They make great house plants as they produce more oxygen then standard house plants. Here is a picture of a baby cymbidium.

There are so many different colors of Cymbidiums.  These brown cymbidiums shown below I have outside and are huge and continue to grow and multiply each year.  I have about 20 of these and they are really beautiful growing to be full and bushy.

Another really pretty cymbidium is the soft pink color I have which is also really pretty.

Here are a couple of my paphs.  They really make extraordinary pictures and are just a delight to have especially when they are in bloom.  This is a white paphiopedilum orchid below.

Here is another one I have that is a pink pahphiopedilum, or paph for short.

In the weeks to come I will document some of the other orchid varieties that I have and show you some really remarkable ones in the collection.  Until then, have a wonderful day and week!


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  1. Hi folks. problably see you around the sites.This site is massive!

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