Bird Watching and Simple Bird Houses

If you are like us and enjoy nature and the beautiful little creatures in it then you will really enjoy setting up a bird house.  You can make your own very affordably using materials around your property, which the birds seem to really appreciate.  If you have kids they will LOVE this project.

Since setting up these bird houses we get cute little red headed birds that sing all throughout the day.
It is much like a bird sanctuary or listening to the nature Cd’s of birds.

Some have been concerned about them making a mess around the property but if you set up your houses away from the area you dwell in it works out just perfectly.  We screwed these into the end of the deck which has been perfect.  It allows us to see the birds and enjoy their little songs without having them in our way or making a mess.

What you will need:

Pieces of old or hollowed out tree limbs
Staple gun
Pieces of scrap wood for the roof pitch and base
(for the wood scraps we went by a local lumber yard and home depot which gave us some free scraps)
Screws to hold the bird house down
Screw gun or screw driver
Round drill for the circular cut

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