Creating your own Floral Arrangements with Flowers from the yard

Having some flowers in your yard can be such a treat.  Our roses and other flowers are in bloom now, which means beautiful floral arrangements throughout the house.  This season all of our flowers are gushing with blooms, which provides a perfect situation for making your own arrangements.  Cutting the blooms perpetuate the growth process  continuing the blooming allowing for an abundance of arrangements.   The cut flowers tend to last at least one week inside, and we are able to replace them weekly which is quite nice.  Within a weeks time new growth and buds form and continue the blooming cycle.  If you have thought about blooming plants and trees before, and you love flowers, you should plant some.  Not only will it beautify your property but you can have flowers year round without the high cost. You would be amazed at how many arrangements you can make easily that would cost upwards of $50+ each.  We probably have $200 worth of floral arrangements throughout the house this week and they cost us nothing but a little time to put them together and of course the initial investment of the flowering plants.

Here are the rose bushes that the arrangements are made from.

Here are some of the plants we have pulled flowers for for the arrangements.

This is a larger arrangement put together for the living room.

A smaller one in the kitchen.

Another large one in the dining area.

Smaller ones for the bathroom.

These are one week old and still look good.  All you have to do is change the water after 3-4 days and re-cut the stems to allow them to continue to drink and they will be beautiful and lasting.

You can put together an arrangement with as few as 2-4 pieces. The fun part is each week is different depending on what is blooming. This week it was roses with pink, purple, yellow and pink flowers.  The pink, purple and yellow flowers came from a large bush we have in our yard.

These are some of the flowers in bloom for next weeks arrangements.

Purple beauties in bloom.

Peach flowers in bloom.

Blooming butterfly bush.  This is amazing for attracting butterflies they love it.

Pretty red and purple blooms.

Pretty Pink Carnations

Gorgeous hues of purple on this rapid growing vine. New blooms appear daily on this one.

Fiery red orange blooms.

Beautiful exotic pink blooms on this large bush.

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