Growing Wild Flowers

If you are looking for a beautiful touch to your outdoor area you may want to consider planting wild flowers.  They are hearty to all weather, grow like weeds and don’t need much care. The picture above is after only one watering and 24 hours. They are super fun for the whole family to watch and grow and another project kids just LOVE.

We recently picked up these planters and found some great seeds at our local discount store Big Lots.  It is a large jar that includes tiny pellets that have the seed, planting material, fertilizer, food and some additional grow nutrients in them.  These pellets are all inclusive and make planting super easy.  No need for any soil or to do much other then pour them in and water them.  They can grow in a pot or in the ground.  This picture was taken at the end of day three.

We planted three planters of these and they began sprouting right away.  All you need is an area that gets a lot of sun and be sure to water them.  We water them early in the morning and they have been growing like weeds.  This photo was taken after day five and it appears as though we may have flowers in as little as a week.  We will continue updating you on them as they grow.  There are little buds everywhere on them.  Initially they need daily water to get them started then you can taper back once they grow. They are very low maintenance and again a super fun little gardening project for the whole family to get involved.

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