Butterfly Bushes

The Butterfly Bush

 These bushy trees are absolutely stunning.  Not only are they tall, beautiful and scented, they also attract beautiful butterflies.  These bushes add a wonderful tall and colorful character to any yard or garden and the flowers are just gorgeous.

If you are looking for a beautiful bush that you can add to your property then you may want to pick up a butterfly bush also known as the Buddleia, or Buddleja.  The Buddleia Davidii is the most common species and can be found at most offered nurseries and garden stores. The butterfly bush grows tall, and upright, with branch tips filled with beautiful clusters of tiny flowers. Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and birds just love these bushes.

These bushes have been very  hardy plant, surviving the cold and the heat. They have lived through some very cold  winters where the temperature fell to 20 degrees.  During our summer it is very warm and they tend to be fine in the heat as well.

Our bush is dark purple, but they also come in pink or white.  Ours is super fast growing and is difficult to call a bush as ours is as tall as our home, and goes great planted next to the house.  These also work well along fences to create privacy, or in the garden.  If you are short on space or do not have a yard you can grow these in a pot for patios and decks.  We have a Black Night Buddleia which is the fastest growing of all the types and can grow as tall as 15 feet.  If you are looking for a smaller variations the Royal Red, is great and grows to about 6 feet at maturity.

The summers have been extremely hot and the bushes do just great in full sun and are a super hardy bush that requires very little. We trim back all the dead flowers cutting them just before the flowering part, however, you can also cut them down to the main stem and they keep growing back.  Cutting them back seems to help them multiply quite rapidly for a larger producing bush.  You can cut them down to as little as a few inches above ground on the off season and they will grow big and bushy during the warm months depending on how large you want it to grow.

If you have thought about putting in a tall flowering bush that attracts beautiful creatures like butterflies, and hummingbirds then this one is for you.  This bush seems to get more and more beautiful with every passing day.

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