Eating Organic & Why

The Importance of Eating Organic – The Dirty Dozen

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The Dirty Dozen list highlights the top 12 fruits and vegetables that are best to eat organic due to the highest level of pesticide contamination:

 Question #1:The Importance of Eating Organic – The Dirty Dozen

How can you be healthier and contribute to the planet?  Eat organic.   Pesticides, herbicides and other scientifically engineered chemicals seep into the ground and our water.  Eventually we are ingesting these toxic compounds that were developed to kill living organisms. These chemicals reach the colon and remain there, making the colon toxic and slowly poisoning our body.  These chemicals may also be linked to certain childhood diseases, such as ADD, and cause rivers and wetlands to suffer by pollution.

 Organic soil contains microbes that provide essential nutrients that cannot be found in artificial fertilizers. These helpful bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoas help to transform compost chemicals into healthy nutrients which are easily absorbed by plant roots.

Compared to the conventional marketed vegetables that are synthetically grown, organic foods are filled with the essential vitamins and minerals that others lack.  Mother Nature is solely in charge of organically grown fruits and vegetable and some believe that organic foods actually taste better. Compared to gigantic pink strawberries shipped from far away and stored in plastic boxes, freshly picked red-ripe ones are much sweeter.

Question #2:

What is the most cost-effective way to ‘go organic?’  Shop your local Farmers Markets.  Their produce does not usually come from industrial agricultural farms, like most grocery stores, but rather from smaller family farms. Although not entirely organic, it is a healthier option.  Prices can be negotiated when purchasing the bulk of your produce from one farmer, helping keep the costs low.  Especially when the fruits are ‘in season,’ you are guaranteed a great deal!

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Question #3:

What about processed food?  Do I have to buy those organic?  The average American consumes processed food daily and it is important to understand that every package of processed food contains canola, soy, or corn in some form. This implies that processed foods that do not carry the USDA Organic mark contains food that is genetically modified. Take time to be concerned of your health and avoid buying processed food at all. When you do purchase processed foods, avoid buying products that lists corn, soy and canola as an ingredient and take into consideration buying 100% certified organic to avoid eating food that is genetically modified.

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