Reducing Inflammation with Alkaline Foods

How Alkaline is Your Diet?

11 Foods to Try!

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babble alkaline foods ph How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!

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Alkaline foods and their role in reducing inflammation in the body has been a hot topic in recent years.
A diet rich in alkaline foods helps reduces inflammation in the body.
Everyone from Dr.Oz to Oprah has been buzzing about the negative effects inflammation can have on our bodies.
Simply put, inflammation is a natural ‘first-aid’ response by our body – usually in response to trauma, stress and more.
However, chronic inflammation can negatively impact your health.
Experts like Dr. Oz seem to agree that one of the first ways to reduce inflammation is by assessing your diet and adding in alkaline foods and removing the acid ones. Your goal is to increase the pH level of your body. Here are 11 foods and recipes to match, which can help you do that!..

Dr. Oz says, “Inflammation, a process meant to heal, can often become a danger;
chronic inflammation causes heart attacks, stroke – and even cancer.
How can you prevent this first-aid response from becoming a first-line attacker?”

Dr. Oz offers advice regarding Omega Fatty Acids and more. His tips on

The Scale. The acid -> alkaline scale goes from high to low.
High pH foods are more alkaline than low pH. The food pH scale generally runs from 3.0-10.0.

01 alkaline foods recipes 01 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!


Cantaloupe melon is not only rich in vitamin A and potassium – but quite alkaline at about pH 8.5.
Enjoy cantaloupe on its own or try it juiced in your juicer!
02 alkaline foods recipes 02 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!
Alfalfa Sprouts
Crunchy, zesty alfalfa sprouts are rich in vitamins C and K and they also have about 8.5 pH.
Stuff these wonderful greens into a sandwich or sprinkle over top a salad.
** writes – My personal favorite sprouts are sunflower sprouts.
If you haven’t tried them you should definitely pick some up they go great on salads, sandwiches and as a topper to any meal.
They are packed with nutrition and also make a great snack.
03 alkaline foods recipes 03 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!
You might intuitively think that all citrus must be acidic.
But even though a food is acidic outside the body doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on the body when digested.
Limes (and lemons) actually have an alkalizing effect.
Limes are pH 8.5. So squirt some in your water or over top your next salad or sandwich or toss some fruit in lime juice.
Make a Tropical Lime Fruit Salad.
04 alkaline foods recipes 04 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!
Mangoes are sweet, juicy, rich in vitamins C and A, potassium and more.
Their pH is about 8.5. Pair mango with alkaline avocado for a super alkaline combo!
05 alkaline foods recipes 05 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!
Kiwis are rich in vitamin C and carry a zesty, perky flavor.
I love blending them into smoothies like this one. Kiwis carry a pH of about 8.6.
Make Kiwi Basil Smoothie, recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
06 alkaline foods recipes 06 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!


Melon in general is a very alkaline food – it is also usually rich in potassium, fiber, water (hydrating) and other nutrients.
07 alkaline foods recipes 07 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!
Papaya is a creamy, sweet, nutrient-rich, papain-rich alkaline fruit.
The pH is about 8.5.
You can enjoy papaya fresh as is or dress it with a bit of maple syrup, lime juice and dash of alkaline cayenne.
Make a fresh papaya lime bowl.
08 alkaline foods recipes 08 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!
Sassy sweet tangerines are rich in vitamin C and fiber and with a pH of about 8.5 you will want to add this vibrant fruit to your day.
And for comparison, oranges have good pH as well at about 7.6.
Make a Tangerine Spinach Tempeh Salad.
09 alkaline foods recipes 09 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!


Watermelon is an alkaline superstar with a pH of about 8.8.
Fresh, sweet watermelon is also low in calories and rich in vitamins A and C and lycopene.
Make a Tofu “Feta” Watermelon Basil Salad, recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
10 alkaline foods recipes 10 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!


Use fresh lemons to make a lemon beverage and you will be alkalizing your body with every sip.
Lemon carries a pH of about 9.0! It might seem strange that lemons are alkalizing – but they are.
Make a Pink Lemonade Frosty.
11 alkaline foods recipes 11 How Alkaline is Your Diet? 11 Foods to Try!


Pineapples with a pH of about 8.5 are also rich in fiber, vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain.
Their sweet and juicy flavor make them an alkaline fruit to crave!
Make a Pineapple Tahini Wrap.

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