Relaxing Summer Foot Soak

Simple Summer Foot Soak

Kindly shared by Brooke Mclay

summerfootsoak Simple Summer Foot Soak

With the seasons of flip-flops and bare feet laying at our doors, isn’t it time you start treating your toesies right?
This simple foot soak is a surefire way to freshen up your feet in minutes, get relaxed, and prepare for a homemade pedicure.
It’s a downright lovely way to start your summer feet off on…the right foot. Just mix, soak, and get fresh!

 Simple Summer Foot Soak

2-3 quarts warm water
2 tablespoons epsom salt
1 lime, sliced
3 drops high-quality peppermint essential oil
rose petals (optional)


Place warm water in a large basin. Mix in epsom salt, lime, and peppermint essential oil.
Sprinkle with rose petals, if desired. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes for a quick, easy refresher for your feet.

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