Zucchini Explosion In Our Raised Garden Bed

We have been talking about our beautiful organic garden we made this year in our home made raised garden beds.
It is has been only 2 short months since we planted these seeds in the dirt and they have really taken off.
We have had 4 small harvests to date and are really excited about our “Black Beauty” Organic Zucchini plant.
This one above we found out is a female and has really began to explode with Zucchini this season.
It has produced 3 Zucchini to date and has several small ones growing.  The Zucchini from this seed is
extraordinarily large.  We fed a family of 4 half of a zucchini and we were all full.  Once this large one was
pulled off the plant, another one exploded into an even larger size right behind the last.  We have found that half of
one zucchini fills up 4 adults and makes 2 separate meals.  In comparison to the zucchinni we were buying at
the store it was taking 8-9 small ones to equal the amount this zucchini plant provides.  This veggie is super
delicious with sweet nutty notes and makes a delicious veggie side for these hot months.
At the rate it is growing, we should have fresh zucchinni daily during this summer.
We are super excited at the rapid growth and success of our organic  raised garden bed.

Here is the first zucchini we harvested and although it looks small take a look at my fingers this one was
larger across then my hand and in person just huge. It weighed a little over 2lbs and made a delicious feast.

Here it is is in person after pulling it from the plant. These have been such a wonderful summer treat to eat in a variety of dishes.
We have been taking our zucchini and chopping it fine to top salads, rice, as well as making
grilled, seared, sauteed and steamed zucchini.  We have found it doesn’t need more then a minute on each side,
which just slightly raises the temp to room temperature keeping it crisp and crunchy, al dente style,
with all the nutrition still intact.

If you have thought of growing zucchini before and didn’t do it, I would highly recommend starting with this veggie.
It grows quick and can compliment just about any meal.

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