What to Do About Inflammation

Inflammation…Your Worst Enemy (and What to do About it)

By Naturopath Suzann Wang


On your road to optimal health, you will encounter a major hurdle whose name is Inflammation.  Inflammation has been known to play a role in heart attacks, cancers, arthritis, allergies etc.  But you might not know that it also plays a role in diabetes, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, autism, tendonitis, obesity, auto-immune disorders, migraines etc.  In general, inflammation is a reaction where your immune system participates in trying to maintain balance in your body in the presence of injury, poor diet, toxic exposure, viral or bacterial infections, parasites and other things we all do to our bodies on a daily or yearly basis.  If you are having trouble losing weight and are considering having your stomach stapled so you are relegated to a Dixie cup sized portion of food.  Or if you are battling repeated injuries that don’t seem to heal, or have memory loss take heed now.  Managing the inflammation in your body will go a long way to helping you lose excess weight, help your brain perform optimally and your body be painfree.  Inflammation is the major reason why statin drugs used for lower cholesterol don’t actually increase life span or significantly affect risk of heart attacks or stroke.  Inflammation is kind of a nebulous term that can be used to characterize almost anything related to health. The most important thing that you need to know regarding inflammation is that your for sure have it and how to reduce it’s negative effects.  Local inflammation in response to an injury or activity is temporary and normal.  However, chronic inflammation is a huge challenge given the toxic and fast-food world in which we live.

It is chronic inflammation that I am going to help you start to manage.  Let’s answer the two major questions that you might be asking.  First, do I have it? The answer is almost always yes.  Chronic inflammation is silent and in the long run deadly.  If you have any chronic disease such as asthma, allergies, eczema, migraines, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, ADD/ADHD, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, trouble losing weight, acne, chronic infections, yeast infections, parasites, Irritable bowel syndrome etc. You can for sure check that box for chronic inflammation.

The second question is what to do about chronic inflammation.  I’ll give you my top five recommendations that I give to my patients.

  1. Diet: Know your food sensitivities and allergies and AVOID all of them.  I’ve spoken about food sensitivities before and there is much that you can do to keep your diet from adding too much to the chronic inflammation problem. If you have one of the above listed problems or have been diagnosed with a chronic illness find out what your food sensitivities are and avoid them or get treated for them so they do not continue to produce inflammation in your system.
  2. Toxicity: Air pollution, water and food contamination all contribute to chemicals that your body needs to eliminate or seqester.  Know what your heavy metal load is, a heavy metal urine test is imperative for this, a blood test in insufficient to identify stored heavy metals. Eat organic, especially the fruits and vegetables that are most toxic.  Use a reverse osmosis filter on your water or buy bottled water that has been reverse osmosis’ed.  Be careful what you put on your skin and use the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety database to check toxicity for common household products.
  3. Supplements: My 3 musts do supplements are a high quality probiotic remembering that not all probiotics are created equal, a CLEAN fish oil high in EPA and DHA, my favorite is Super EFA from Genestra and finally Mito Life from Mitogenx.
  4. Biopuncture: For those with moderate to severe chronic inflammation going on, Biopuncture to the local area and systemic approaches to inflammation are extremely helpful.  Biopuncture is the use of ultra low dose injections of herbs and minerals to assist the body in modulation of inflammation.  I can’t overstate the efficacy of this therapy to improve the overall status of inflammation in the body.
  5. NAET Acupressure treatments: To modulate inflammation, allergies, balance organs and enhance absorption of nutrients. This technique seems quite unbelievable in it’s simplicity but suffice it to say, that I’ve used this technique for years to successfully assist in detoxification and support the body’s health.

If you need more tips on how to modulate inflammation and to bring your chronic inflammation levels down, give our office a call and schedule an appointment for further testing and treatments. In the meantime, stay healthy during the winter months.

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