Kick Starting Your Metabolism into High Gear

Kick Start Your Metabolism

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 After eating way too much I thought I would write down a few tips to kick start your metabolism so that you can stay slim this Summer and weather the assault of sweets, snacks and parties.  Many of us use the excuse of hot and humid weather to keep us from exercising and leading the active lifestyle that is best for our health.  As most of know to minimize high calorie foods and to exercise during Summer I’m listing some things below to help your metabolism that you might not have known about.

The first is your thyroid gland.  Your thyroid is pivotal in getting your metabolism working for you even when you aren’t working out.  We all have friends who eat tons of food and never gain an ounce. One major advantage they might have over you is that their thyroid is optimized.  Optimizing your thyroid function isn’t difficult but there are some key pointers for you to know.  First are the signs of a weak thyroid: including weight gain, difficulty with weight loss, constipation, dry skin, dry hair and nails, lethargy, depression and tendency toward feeling hot and high cholesterol.  Common nutrient deficiencies associated with thyroid deficiency include iodine, selenium, vitamin E, Riboflavin, niacin and the amino acid taurine.  Many people are hypothyroid and do not know that they are.  The conventional medical philosophy to rely on TSH as the key monitor of thyroid function disregards issues with conversion from T4 to T3 and the utilization of T3 in the cell.  I’ve discussed more about why your thyroid meds might not lead to you feeling great here in this video.

Second major aspect of health to look at is your adrenal function.  Elevated cortisol levels will lead to increased abdominal fat accumulation and fatigue.  It also worsens thyroid problems. If you are battling belly bulge, you would do well to get your adrenals tested.  If your doctor cannot do this for you, feel free to contact our office for assistance.  Ensure that you are eating regularly and sleeping well.  One key sign of excess cortisol production is waking in the middle of the night and inability to fall back to sleep quickly.

Third cause of weight problems is blood sugar problems. This is tied to adrenal problems and having a carbohydrate rich diet.  Cut the sugar, soda and sweetened coffee drinks to get a head start.  Also cut out dairy products from your diet to help drop those unwanted pounds.  Eat high protein snacks (avoid soy products), eat frequently and get lots of sleep.

Finally, the unknown kicker on weight gain is the accumulation of water due to allergies, food sensitivities and chemicals in the body.  Identify the foods you are sensitive to and use NAET to desensitize your from the foods that give your body trouble.  NAET can also desensitize you to chemicals, pollen, dust mites and vitamins.  Surprisingly many people have trouble dealing with nutrients common to many foods, thus leading to water weight gain as well as a slowing down of your metabolism.

Get healthy for the new year and together we can put some accuracy into the term “preventative” health.

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  1. Kirk Needam says:

    Sometimes i get a very bad constipation. The only thing that keeps constipation away is through the use of fiber supplements.`”:'”

    Yours truly

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