Healthy Eating Tips on Vacation

We have a wonderful article by our Guest Cole Millen who has picked up some wonderful tips from her travels.  With Summer and travel season quickly approaching these incredible tips come just at the right time. We are very fortunate to have Cole Millen sharing these healthy tips with all of our readers.  Thank you very much Cole for providing us all with such fantastic information.

You are Valued & Appreciated!


Eating Healthy on Vacation

By Cole Millen
Avid Traveler & Foodie Extraordinaire

When getting ready to go on vacation, you may begin to worry about the potential weight that you might gain. The fact that you worked so hard to lose those pounds before your big trip makes the thought of gaining them back even more horrific!  Eating while on vacation does not have to be a nightmare. There are several tips that you can follow in order to ensure that those pounds will stay off.

Most of the unhealthy eating during a vacation begins before you even reach your destination. Whether flying or driving, there are many temptations that may jump out at you. If you are flying to your destination, try and eat a healthy meal prior to your flight. This will help you remain full during the flight. If you are in need of a quick snack before your flight, oatmeal is known to get rid of hunger and give you a full feeling. Another tip to keep you full while on your flight is to drink plenty of water. Most of the time when we feel hunger, it is actually our brain telling us that we are thirsty. So the next time you begin to experience a slight hunger, drink a bottle of water to help rid that feeling.

If you are choosing to drive to your destination, you will pass many fast food restaurants during your drive. Though these fast food restaurants may seem tempting and convenient, opting to pass by them without stopping will be the best choice to make. Eating unhealthy during your drive can make you feel sluggish, especially since you will not be physically moving most of the time. It is best to pack a healthy snack for the drive, such as almonds, a sandwich or hard-boiled eggs.

What is often overlooked is the trouble to staying healthy at a hotel. First, just say no to the mini bar in your hotel. You will save money and calories from the junk food that is stashed there. Once you finally arrive at your destination, stop by a local grocery store and pick up plenty of healthy snacks to take to the hotel with you. Be sure to ask hotel personnel that know the area well for restaurant choices for healthy eating options. Be sure to ask them what type of foods the restaurant serves, since that person’s idea of healthy might be different from yours.

These risks are very often avoidable by doing a little research prior to booking your trip. In my experience, consumer reviews regarding hotels and restaurants are the best way to truly determine the good from the bad. On a recent trip I found a site that had different reviews for hotels in Las Vegas regarding the amenities offered, restaurants within and nearby, as well as facilities. This was extremely helpful in finding the right hotel for my healthy lifestyle and ultimately led to me booking a hotel with a complete gluten free restaurant within!

Once you reach your destination, there will be many restaurants surrounding you. So many options to choose from makes it hard to single out the ones that are healthy. Regardless of which restaurant you choose, though, you can always find something to fit within your dietary needs. When choosing a chicken dish, tend to stay away from any description that includes the word fried or breaded. Instead, look for code words such as baked, broiled or stir-fried. These types of cooking methods tend to have less fat and carbohydrates then the other options. When choosing a side to go with your entrée, why not choose a vegetable instead of French fries? If you do not want to miss out on a potato, go for the baked potato instead. In order for the baked potato to be healthy, though, it is important to not smother it with sour cream and butter. All you really need would be a dash of salt and pepper in order to enjoy this healthy alternative.

Going on a vacation does not have to mean gaining weight. It is very possible to enjoy your time away from home without having to indulge in unhealthy foods. Your body, and taste buds, will both be happy from the health conscious choices that you make.

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