Garden Friends


While preparing the garden you will find all sorts of sweet little creatures outdoors.  Enjoy nature and have fun with them.  We were emptying out some of our containers that were filled with water along the side of our fence.  This particular one had flowers that produced and died off and it was time to plant them again.  The pot had filled with water.  When I went to empty the pot in preparation to add more soil and seed again I found this sweet little friend, our resident frog.  We decided to let him stay here and keep his home in the flower bed.  He tried to run off but we wanted him to keep his home so we refilled the flower pot and returned him in it.  After observing the pot for about 5 minutes we found him approaching the rim of the planter and catching mosquitos and other bugs.  We found him to be a great asset to our garden area as he is eating up many pesky unwanted bugs. Look around and you will be surprised what you see we have seen birds, squirrels, frogs, and lizards just in one day.

Enjoy the nature all around you.

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