HEMP SEED – An amazing healing food with Anti-Inflammatory Omegas.

Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed

Healing abilities of Hemp seed:

This incredible Cannabis sativa plant is filled with a wealth of healthy nutrients.  While you won’t get any type of high from this plant it is power packed with nutrition.  Hemp seeds have a perfect omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio, which is ideal for anti-inflammatory properties.  These healthy and amazing fats can help diabetes, autoimmune, heart disease, and cancers.

It has been highly reported by Bastyr University Associate professor and certified nutritionists that hemp seed is a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid.  This omega-6 fatty acid aids in reducing inflammation, inhibiting cancer cell growth, while improving skin health. Hemp seed’s are an incredible amino acid which contains arginine.  The Journal of Nutrition’s research has suggested that consuming arginine rich food can lower risk for cardiovascular and thoracic disease.

Hemp seed also contains vitamin E. This incredible vitamin and antioxidant is very helpful in neutralizing cell-attacking free radicals.

Fitting it into your Lifestyle and World

Hemp seed has a delicious and strong nutty flavor.  They can be eaten on just about anything.  I personally like to sprinkle them on all my foods.  From salads, dressings, soups, dips, stir-fries, breakfast cereal, breads, baked goods, sides and more these delicious nutrient packed seeds feed your body the health it needs.  These wonderful sprinkles ad a zip of earthy notes.  Be sure to use them as a topper and not cooked.  As hemp oils unsaturated fats are not heat stable they will lose their nutrition if you cook with them.

Other Delicious Ways to Enjoy Hemp Seeds:

Hemp Seed Milk

Simply take seeds and filtered water and mix vigorously.  Separate the pulp from the milk and it is ready.  Be sure to refrigerate once made.  Hemp milk is great on its own, in teas, coffee, cocoa, as well as smoothies and cereal.

Hemp Seed Butter

You can also make hemp seed butter by grinding it into a paste with just a very small amount of water.  Once made you can spread it on bread, make a sandwich, on fresh fruit, or use it in your favorites dips and sauces.  Be sure to also refrigerate the butter and use fresh within 7 days as it has no preserving agents and will not keep indefinitely.



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