New Partnership leads to Discount on Health Coaching for our Attractingwellness readers and subscribers


We are excited to announce that AttractingWellness is now officially partnered with amazing health coaching services.  AttractingWellness has been reporting on the new findings and positive effects of health coaching for some time now.  We are also seeing many large companies hiring teams of health coaches to help their employees become healthier, more productive, absent less and in a better mood. If you are looking to learn more and get healthier, then a health coach could be just what you need. Be accountable, learn exciting new behaviors to diminish cravings, while you learn delicious healthy substitutions to incorporate into your lifestyle.  Learn the basic primary and secondary foods to enhance you and your families life.

(November special $100 off any of our cell science testing).

The month of November receive $500 off any 6 month health coaching program.  Programs vary based on bio-individuality.  We determine where you are, and where you are interested in heading.  We support and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.  With a health coach you will be provided new approaches and solutions to improved health and optimal wellness.

Typical programs include the following:

1 Month Progam
3 Month Program 6 Month Program
9 Month Program

To sign up write:
6 Month Program w/ Health Coach – Includes 24, fifty minute sessions.

Program is customized for the individual.  Learn things like behavior modification.  Teachings to naturally trend towards healthier alternatives.  Explore better more exciting options for the individual you are.  Learn healthy, fast and affordable dinner meals to make in a snap. Learn exciting, fresh, and delicious foods. New healthy options to season, and sweeten your life, without the damaging effects of white sugar.  Be in the know when it comes to sugar and your options.  Learn the significant ups and downs associated with sugar and mood.

Incorporate healing foods that you like into your diet that are known for high properties, vitamin and nutrient level, as well as low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and other byproducts. Determine based on your chart what is best healing foods for any current conditions as well as anything  you may be working on.

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