Modify your food and save calories & fat Today!


Many ways to cut back on fat and calories can become cumbersome and difficult.  When you weigh in the makeovers with better choices you will be amazed at the quick progress that can be made. There is also a very big myth that substituting means losing taste, flavor and deliciousness.  This simply just is not true.  When you modify you go by your unique palette and what taste best to you is what will navigate you through.  If you take this crowding out and modifying with healthy substitutions you will see that saving 300-600 calories per day will be automatic.

Tips For Morning Time

  • Save 100 calories and excess Fat: Skip two bacon and opt for a leaner choice like turkey sausage or turkey bacon, or a turkey patty grilled. You will be happy to find your substitution providing you more food, just healthier choices.
  • Save 100 calories: Instead of large amounts of white sugar, opt for better choices like agave, honey, maple or fresh berries to sweeten up your meal or snack.
  • Save 100 calories, Sugar & Fat: Instead of granola or oatmeal, opt for an egg sandwich (300 calories), or a healthier cereal like shredded wheat with Agave and almond milk (250 calories).
  • Save 100 calories and Fat: Skip the half and half in your coffee or tea, and try no sugar Lite coconut milk.
  • Save 100 calories: Instead of eating your breakfast with biscuits, croissants or bagels, opt for dry sourdough toast or an English Muffin.

Tips For Afternoon Time

  • Save 100 calories: When eating a salad instead of heavy and thick dressings, opt for the lighter ones.  You will be surprised that simply going from a Ranch to a balsamic vinaigrette will save you half the calories and half the fat. If you are eating out ask if they have any light dressings.  Just this change is huge in the fat and calorie world.
  • Save 100 calories: If your eating soup this cold Fall and Winter swap out your corn bread and parmesan with low fat part skim mozzarella.  It will be just as delicious but much less calories an fat.
  • Save 100 calories: Instead of drinking soda which is laddened with tons of sugar and empty calories, opt for water with lemon, or un-sweet tea.  You will save sugar and calories while hydrating your body.  Surprisingly soda sugars dehydrate the body.  In actuality for every 8 oz of soda you need to drink 24 oz of water, and we both know that there are no 8 oz sodas.  We also recommend Hansen’s brand if you must drink it at all.  Avoid HFCS when making a drink choice.  Soft drinks are notorious for being responsible for a ton of calories and can easily be helping you gain weight.
  • Save 100 calories & Fat: Instead of vegetable oil for breads and baked goods, substitute in no sugar added apple sauce.  You will be surprised at the moistness without any fat at all.
  • Save 100 calories: When enjoying mexican meals skip the white flour tortilla, and opt for a salad burrito bowl without the carb.  If you must insist have a 1-2 corn tortillas for less fat and half the calories of a white flour tortilla.

Tips For Snack Time

  • Save 100 calories, fat & carbs: Instead of fries get a side of veggies.  There are always seasonal veggies at restaurants you just have to ask about substitutes. Nothing fried and stay away from potatoes.
  • Save 100 calories, Fat & HFCS: For a great filling snack reach for popcorn loaded with fiber, instead of chips and or crakers filled with HFCS, sodium, calories, and fat.
  • Save 1oo calories & Fat: Instead of cheese and crackers loaded with fat, opt for cut veggies and lite ranch dip.  This will save you half the calories and fat while also providing you more per serving.
  • Save 100 calories: Instead of various candies, chocolates, cookies and baked good, make choices like cinnamon apples, sweet potato, or fresh fruit.

Tips While Drinking Alcohol

  • Save 100 calories: Choose a light beer over regular.
  • Save 100 calories: Select a clear alcohol rather then a dark.
  • Save 100 calories: Choose red wine over sweet drink.

Tips For Dinner Time

  • Save 100 calories: Take one less serving of sauce or gravy.
  • Save 100 calories: Instead of rice or beans, choose quinoa, or lighter grain.  If your real hungry you can get a double order of veggies in place of rice or beans.  You will still end up with less fat, calories and carbs by this choice of veggies.
  • Save 150 calories: Choose grilled over fried.
  • Save 100 calories: Reduce your carbs by bare burrito, opt for lettuce with your hamburger “protein style”
  • Save 200 calories: Eat thin crust pizza over traditional crust.  Thin crust is half the calories and fat.  A delicious pizza is margarita style with marinara, basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

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