Fast, fresh and affordable food

Looking for a quick fix for a fast healthy dinner? look no further.  This dinner weighs in for 4-6 for only $9.  If you need to prepare dinner in a flash but don’t want to bypass the great opportunity to nourish your body then this is perfect.


Cheesy Garden Noodle Delight

Time:  20 minutesFast Fresh Food
6 Item Recipe


Gluten-Free Fettuccinne NoodlesOrganic Low Fat/Low Sodium Alfredo Sauce
1 Cup organic cut broccolli
1 Medium Organic Carrot, sliced
1 Cup organic spinach
Parmesan Cheese for sprinkling


Boil Water and follow directions for gluten free pasta.  Cook entire package.  In  a small pot heat alfredo sauce.  In a separate sauce pan take veggies and pan fry until golden still al dente and crisp.  Toss veggies & alfredo into drained noodles.  Mix and serve.


This is not food from scratch but when you are busy and on the go and want your family to experience good healthy dinner instead of fast food this is a great alternative to something less healthy that is fast.  The cost is low and it heats up nicely as another meal such as lunch, if you are lucky enough to have leftovers.

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