Ginger Pain Relieving Properties


There are several forms of ginger.  You can simple chop or grated it fresh and raw, you can also use a powdered ginger or a candied form of ginger.  I love fresh but also very much enjoy pickled ginger.  It is such a palatte cleanser.  Ginger is hot sweet and spicy.  It has been said to relieve pain, nausea, and deter cholesterol and cancer. Ginger is not only an amazing spice  full of healing flavors, but also a healing compound relieving inflammation and pain.  The benefit of ginger over ibufrofen is you dont get the stomach irritation that over the counter medications deliver.  In a recent study it is said that ginger benefits the health of the heart by lowering cholesterol significantly.  Another great use is ginger tea in beans, rices, quinoa and more.

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