Feel Good Oats


Oats are so great for your health in many ways.  There are many heart protecting benefits, as well as brain and acuity with a diet rich in oats. It has also been found to improve ones mood which is linked to improved and regulated blood sugar.

OATS are a great source of Energy.  Packed with protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and more this wholesome grain in a super great pick.  In addition to a magnificent palette of health it also has been linked to lower cholesterol LDL levels.  This occurs due to the healthy fiber content the oats contain.  Many recent research and studies have found that oatmeal improves brain function including memory, cognition, while boosting our mood with serotonin production.

You can roast the oats for a nutty roasted flavor.  Add them to your favorite baked goods, breakfast foods, salads, breads, soups, veggies, burgers.

You can also use oats via oat flour and oat bran.

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