Staying Healthy One Step At A Time


Healthy Tips to Incorporate Right Away

I get requests daily asking how to begin taking the steps to move towards a healthy lifestyle.  One of my tricks that always keeps me on track and prevents me from falling off is – being prepared.  Planning ahead really is a great step to move you closer to health and wellness.

Pick A Day

We take our least busy day each week to prep food for the week, typically weekend day.  Having great choices on hand at your finger tips that can be eaten on the run or with ease really lightens the load.  I find having the healthy choices readily available makes it so easy to do the right thing, without any excuses.

Start With Salad

Although freshest is best, we do understand not everybody has time to slice and dice and prep food.  We always have a fresh cut salad when time is short.  We also have beans soaking daily and fresh sprouting going on.  I know it seems simple but try it and you will see that when you have great choices nearby and healthy snacks, it is much easier to make solid healthy choices.  I challenge you to get started today by prepping foods in advance.  If you are not a lover of cooking then the work is always reduced and it never seems to difficult.  Your body will surely thank you.  Keep in mind the nutrition of fresh living foods is so concentrated and high, where processed, dead, and fast food has been already robbed of its nutrition.  Simple little subtle changes will really make it second nature.  Ask yourself what does this meal offer me?  If it is processed in a bag, box or from a fast food counter its just not going to fill you up with the proper nutrition needed to live your optimal wellness.  We find having all these fresh, healthy foods at our finger tips not only saves us money from picking up prepared food, we can control whats in our food, and ultimately we stay healthy, vibrant and well!  You can do it all you have to do is start and soon you will be claiming the energizing benefits of healthy foods. Here you go this salad is from us to you.  When you have it already made all you have to do is pop it into a bowl pair it with your favorite dressing and your ready.


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