Pineapple Minted Cabbage w/ Lemon Almond Pepper Dressing


Pineapple Minted Cabbage w/ Lemon Almond Pepper Dressing
Time:  30 Minutes
Servings: 6
10 Ingredient Recipe
Naturally Vegan & Vegetarian
Modified From VTimes Original Recipe

1 ½ cups Shelled Edamame (You can use frozen or fresh)
2 cups Red Cabbage, sliced thin
1 Bell pepper, cored, seeded, and sliced in thin strips (Any color will do, however, I like the red, orange or yellow)
1 cup Fresh Pineapple, diced fine (You can also use canned unsweetened)
16 Raw Almonds, chopped (you can also use slivered)
¼ cup Fresh Mint, chopped
2 Tbs. Fresh Squeezed Lemon juice
2 Tbs. Agave
¼ tsp. Cayenne
Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

In a small pot bring water to boil.  Take your Edamame and add to water cooking for 10 minutes.  Drain and rinse.  In a large bowl set aside your Edamame while it cools.  Now cut your cabbage, bell pepper, and pineapple and set aside.  When Edamame is nice and cool add the items cut.  Take your mint and chop it then transfer to a dressing bowl. Now add your lemon juice, agave and cayenne to taste. Whisk your dressing then add it to the salad tossing until well coated.  You can add sea salt and pepper to taste.

Add Ons:

The original recipe called for raisins which we do not prefer.  If you like raisins and would like a sweeter salad this is a great touch and a salad like a dessert.  We tried Currants the other day as well as fresh blueberries, and strawberries and it made a beautiful spring salad.  Get creative and add yummy additions personalized to your taste.


This salad has a lovely complimenting taste and texture profile as well as yummy notes of sweet and savory.


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